Builders & Remodelers

Our mission is to give new life to the old barn's wood..... instead of hearing about the old barn being burnt down to make way for a new building..... Or, just sitting in a field rotting away. 

Most old barns are disposed of either with a match and campfire or dozed into a big hole and the buried.  We prefer to "re-purpose" the old barn's wood and create new life in the form of a piece of quality furniture or something fun. 

By re-purposing the wood from one barn, we save hundreds upon thousands of trees! If you have an old barn which has seen better days.

Allow us put some new life into the old wood. In most cases we can remove the old barn and clean up the area for no charge in exchange for the materials.  Sometimes we may even pay you to get the job done.

The inside of a horse trader's barn we took apart and are giving it's old wood new life...  It was built in 1880 and has some pretty good lumber left.  The barn owner could not afford the $50K it was going to take to restore it.  Instead, they are letting us dismantle it and re-purpose the old wood.  We found them just days before the fire department was going to burn it down.  This spring they are constructing a new steel building which is twice as big as the old barn for 1/2 the price of the restoration. 


An example of how we "re-purpose" a barn's old wood.  Pictured above is a kitchen island in the process of being built. Doesn't get any cooler than this!  What's your next project?  Can we help?  Chris@GotBarnWood.com or 913-558-2275 for a chat...