Builders & Remodelers

Our services are taking down old barns and repurposing the barn's old wood giving it new life.  We try to catch barns before the owner either burns it down or burries it alive.  Doing so, gives us an opportunity to save a few trees (like hundreds and hundreds) and help the owner dispose of the old barn without much if any effort. 

Reasons to have us take it down: 1) rid your property of the potential liability of a barn falling on someone's head, 2) saving money on property tax for a barn that no longer serves a purpose, 3) saves you time and/or money to either do it yourself or have some other service do it... in most cases we will do it for free in exchange for the materials we salvage.  In some cases we might even pay a bit for the opportunity. 

Pictured above is my friend Matt chain sawing a Francis Ford Copula (gotta have a sense of humor in this business) off the top of a barn we took down for an owner in California, MO.  His barn was really cool but in need of about 50k worth of restoration.  He is putting a pretty big steel building up in it's place for a fraction of that cost... and it will be a lot more practical for his needs.

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